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One House

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The human race has only one place we can call home. Features Australian guitar phenom, Joe Robinson!


One House
©David G Smith 615-483-1781 davidgsmithmusic@yahoo.com

New York City
Takes on Wall Street
London is angry
So is the Middle East
People are mad
About the widening gap
Between the house of want
and the house of have

Facing guns and violence and ridicule
The voice of the many is talking to the few

To have a good life
We can build on
To have a future
For our children
It takes a place that’s safe and sound
||:Can we live in one house:|| that’s built on high-er ground

We're the jobless
in Illinois
We're the union
And the self-employed (we’re)
_every religion
Old and the young
_We are the 99 per cent to 1

(That) chant in China_ Speak out in Spain
Around the planet the message is the same


What good are dreams and stars__ if we’re all livin’ in a house of cards
That can’t stand up to the voice of truth (that says)
YOU are us_ and WE ARE YOU