1. Witness Trees


WITNESS TREES ©Tom Favreau & David G Smith
We’ve stood as sentinels in fields and guarded long gone bridges
Shaded farm and prairie ground and silhouetted ridges
Weathered storms that bent us over; cannon shot that hit us
Down here in our roots, we’ve felt the sound of marching boots meeting death

Some of us have watched you the humble and the tyrant
Felt souls swing from our branches and the force of what is violent
Til whispers are what’s left of the silenced and the silent
The wrong of it still breathes restless through our leaves_ we were left

Standing Witness
Standing tall
Standing Witness
To see it all

Our canopies bear scars our trunks have been defaced
We’ve lived through acts of horror and histories erased
Seen blood spilled here beneath us that rain can’t wash away
Truth kneels gagged and bound on what now is sacred ground deep in prayer

Living for a time, a time when it’s released
A time when it can tell the story of the beast
That still wanders among us tortured and diseased
Until then here we stand memorials on the land everywhere

We bear the burden that we do
Cuz we’ve been living with the truth
We’ve been waiting here for you_ to be…

Standing with us
Standing Tall
Standing with us
To see it all
Standing with us
My heart grieves
Standing with us
With the Witness Trees