1. Gone


GONE ©David G Smith
I stand on the boardwalk in the harbor
My hand on a weather-beaten rail
The ghost of a life moves through the water
A ship at my side is set to sail

She floats picture-perfect in her beauty
A vessel of everything she’s been
Her strength reaches deep down into me
The white of her sails catches the wind

She’s gone
Heading out to sea
Taking part of me along
She’s gone
Into the blue
Into the mist beyond me and you_ She’s gone

I watch her floating like a feather
Until she’s like a tiny speck of cloud
(Where the) ocean and sky come together
There’s a flash of light that suddenly blinks out

She’s gone
Gone from my sight
Into the night she’s gone
Sail on
Sail on to the drums
To glad shouts of here she comes
On the other side
My heart keeps sighing
While I stand here crying_ She’s gone