Invite David G Smith to perform in your home

Hosting a concert in your home is easy! It’s a great way to introduce your friends to Dave and his music, support the arts, and enjoy an evening of live music, all in just 10 easy steps!
1. Contact Dave to set a date.
• Send an email to
2. Decide which type of event you want to host. The suggested donation for Dave for all events is $15-20 per guest. These donations pay for the performer.

The following are guidelines only. Got another idea? Let's talk!
• House Concert--Most Popular
- Typically 5 – 50 guests
- Dave performs two 40-45 minute sets with a break in between
 - You may serve drinks and light snacks or ask guests to bring their own
 - Dave visits with guests during the break and after the performance
• Dinner and Song
 - Typically 6 - 15 guests
 - Dave performs one 60 minute set before or after dinner
 - You serve dinner or ask guests to contribute to a pot luck dinner
 - Dave visits with guests during dinner and after the performance
• Dessert and Song
 - Typically 10 - 25 guests
 - Dave performs one 60 minute set after dessert
 - You serve drinks and dessert or ask guests to contribute
 - Dave visits with guests during dessert and after the performance

3. Expectations for the host
• Lodging for Dave on the night of the performance
• Promote your event using the press kit materials provided by Dave
• Work to have the agreed upon number of guests at your event
4. Set the expectations for your guests. Inform guests that:
• This is a concert, not a party with music
• The suggested donation for Dave is $15-20 per guest
• This will be a much more personal and intimate chance to visit with an artist than at a typical concert
• Concert behavior is expected – listening to the performance, no cell phone use, etc.
5. Create your list of invitees, invite requesting RSVP, and keep track of confirmed guests.
• You and Dave will agree in advance upon a minimum number of guests that will attend as payment is dependent upon turnout (unless another form of payment is available). Other things that can factor in: is this a stand-alone show or part of a tour where he's already in your area; car vs plane travel, etc. Please be assured, there's almost nothing we can't work out :)
6. Call me if you have questions/concerns. Got another idea for an event I could play for. Let's talk!
7. A few days beforehand, shop for food, drinks, and supplies, as needed.
8. The day of the event set up your room/s and chairs.
9. The evening of your event, welcome your guests; remind them of the schedule and expectations; ask them to be seated and introduce Dave.
10. ENJOY!

Click HOUSE CONCERT to download as a PDF

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