1. Angels Flew

From the recording One House

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Angels Flew

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Angels Flew ©David G Smith

9-11 sky exploded folks didn’t understand it
People were buried by metal + rock + dust + fear + panic
Subways, streets and bridges were blocked---- No one
knew what was going on down there so they closed the island off
When the towers came down
On Lower Manhattan
People were trapped
And here’s what happened

Angels flew
Across the water
Wave on wave
[1, 2, 3]They flew into the harbor
[4]To save our sons + daughters
They came on wings of selfless hearts
And lifted up ours

Every boat available the crews + all their captains
Raced into a nightmare cloud of soot + smoke + madness
Knowin’ that they might be hit again
Thinkin’ to themselves____ this can’t be happenin’


When those towers fell the only way in + out of Lower Manhattan was by water
A ½ million people were rescued by boats that day_ in just a little under 9 hours
One crew member said later, “When the call came on the radio for help
If it could float, it was comin’ “
That the entire horizon was filled with fireboats + charters + tugs
He named some of ‘em”
The Mary Gellatly
The US Growler
John J. Harvey
The JILL Reinauer
The Samuel Newhouse; the John D. McKean,
NY Waterways, the Staten Island Ferries
There was the Amberjack__ The Bernadette too

And the one that said it all
The Resolute