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What can I say....album #11 is in the can, on the rack, in the sack, and don't look back, Jack! Producer Neilson Hubbard did the honors and Dylan Alldredge @ Skinny Elephant Recording/Nashville brought it all home. We got a tight little band together, and stripped everything down to the metal...and then hit the pedal! We think you'll like what you hear. 11 for 11. 11 songs on my 11th album. Oh, by the way, I got to do a Dave Moore song on this puppy. Somebody pinch me! The Witness Trees RELEASE PARTY TOUR rolls on! Why just have one special release event? Let's have all the shows be special. How? By having YOU there! Head over to to give the music a listen! Listen for it on the radio! Check out the tour page on my website to see where the next release show is! Keep checking cuz this is going to be an on-going party.... and we're continually adding dates! And SIGN UP FOR THE NEWSLETTER while your on my website. They come out once a month or so and it's the best way to get the inside skinny, to hear the backstories, to get the scoop, rumors and hearsay all straightened out. Whatta ride!