EVERY TIME LIVE - A Buck For Byron's - EPISODE 8



What: Every Time Live: A Buck For Byron's (He's Not Heavy, He's My Brother)

When: Sunday June 14, 2020

Where: https://www.facebook.com/heydavemusic

Time: 4-5:30p CDT (Special extended show)


NEW INFO: Some have reported having trouble accessing the show in real time. Thanks for the feedback! Here's a two-step tutorial:

1) On Sunday, at around 4p CDT click on my Facebook Band Page link: https://www.facebook.com/heydavemusic

2) Scroll down to the "Posts" section and wait for the "Live" window to appear. Yes, it's that easy!


SONG REQUESTS: Got a fave of mine? I'll add it to the set list! If you contact me before the show then I can get them included right away. Contact me directly at: https://davidgsmithmusic.com/contact

SHARON'S QUILT CORNER: Handbags & Dancing Divas!

SURPRISE COVER SONG OF THE WEEK: Along with a performance, it'll include a little bit of the song's history. This week's song is custom-tailored for Byron:) Hint: he's a deadhead!

THIS WEEK'S SHOUT OUT: "Hey buddy, can you spare a buck" (a common question during the Great Depression adjusted for inflation:) For almost 25 years, Byron Stuart has been supporting LIVE music on a shoestring budget....but never at the expense of the artist. Byron's Place, like a lot of venues across the country, is hurting due to Covid fallout. A lot of cool people have played BP's over the years: Canned Heat, Joe & Vicki Price, Dave Moore, Todd Snider, Greg Brown, Sergio Webb, David Olney, Freebo, Julie Christiansen, Mark Stuart, Kevin Gordon, Eric Taylor, Chad Elliott, Walter Trout.....I'm just gettin' started. Suffice to say, whoever Byron's hosts.... they are authentic.

Can you pitch in for $1? (Of course you can donate more.) That's it. There are 3 options to donate:

1) paypal.me/byrons420 (please send as "friends & family" so Byron's gets the whole dollar)

2) Venmo to: @Byron-Stuart-1

3) Or if you want it a little more organic send to: Byron Stuart, 112 S. Main St, Pomeroy, IA 50575

Please know: I'm only doing an occasional benefit. There are a lot of people in need....but I don't want to wear you out. Let's make this one special. Byron's is worth every penny sent. THANK YOU!

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Also, if you haven't "liked" my Facebook Band Page yet: https://www.facebook.com/heydavemusic lets you do that. (Note: This live stream will be coming from my Facebook Band Page not my profile page.)

Here's that show link again: https://www.facebook.com/heydavemusic

Take care. Be well.